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Welcome to South America - Peru, Huaraz, capital of Ancash and is located in the central part of Callejon de Huaylas and the right bank of holy River 400 km. North of Peru capital Lima, at a height of 3,100 m With a population of 131.377 habitants.

To the Callejón de Huaylas surrounded by big mountains extended an average of 175 km. from North to South and width of 25 km. approximately the cordillera blanca, and its massif mountain more high of Peru Huascarán with a height of 6,768 m.a.s.l. It is also the most beautiful mountain of the world Alpamayo with a height of 5,947. m.s.n.m.

We have also more beautiful one of the tourist circuits of the world in andes of South America, the cordillera Huayhuash, where also the second highest mountain of the snowy Peru Yerupaja with 6,617 meters above sea level is located After the nevado Huascarán, to make this beautiful trekking in the cordillera huayhuash is seen four mountain ranges of the Peru andes. As cordillera Blanca, cordillera Huayhuash, cordillera Huallanca and the Raura mountain range that is in Lima, which we offer programs of adventure expeditions, all climbers and mountaineers, who come recoriendo the world. And also programmes of walks, asenciones, climbing, mountain biking, tours, etc..

In addition we seek other alternatives of adventure in the Andes of Peru, for visitors offering them new routes and programs all of spectacular beauty and a bit of influence tourist for those travelers looking for something more than adventure. Our experience together with our passion for travel to adventure, to the mountains and nature, and that is the cultural exchange that characterizes us our and us was.

The most important thing is our team is composed of enthusiastic, efficient and professional people all experts in their area of work and willing to give you the best value to your stay.

Huaraz has a climate temperate tropical, sunny and dry mountain during the day and cold at night, with annual average temperatures between 11-17 ° C and maximum absolute that exceed 21 ° C. Rainfall is more than 500 mm. But less than 1000 mm during the rainy season which includes from December to March. The dry season called "Andean summer" ranges from April to November.

Huaraz has a great potential of forests and land for plantations and reforestation, including extensive forests of eucalyptus and pine trees, reforestation in the 1990's product; It should be noted the presence of other trees to a lesser extent as molle, tara, the capuli, the queñuales, the quishuar, walnut, alder, willow, Cypress and broom; the wood from these forests is used for mining, construction of dwellings and carved wooden handicrafts.

The fauna is composed by a multitude of animal species that inhabit the different existing altitudes around the city. Mammals include weasel, the Andean cat, the spectacled bear, puma, taruca, the deer, the vicuña in the highest floors, the vizcacha, the Fox, muca, also there is a great diversity of birds: birds of prey like the mountain Eaglet, the condor, the duck sutro, the duck, goldfinch, the Andean Gull; the coot; the Hummingbird, the thrush, the Andean Sparrow.